What to say, what to say.
Firstly, this video is all from 2012. Clips from cheer training, and the National Champs. Yes, we actually went to the National Championships to compete 😀 Like halfway through the video with the clips of the squad in the black costumes, that’s us competing at nationals. In our division, we came like 19 or 18 out of about 100, which is still a reserve championship, so that was really good, and overall about 30-something out of around 350-ish.

Secondly, I’m like the world’s biggest procrastinator, like with my science and maths homework, I will legit do all my other homework, watch ep’s of random TV shows I’ve never heard of before, i’ll bake something, i’ll go through all my Youtube videos and edit all their descriptions, before I do my maths and science. Unfortunately, that also applies with actually completing people’s requests for videos. So yeah, this video was actually requested by Shae (xDreamingInColour) who’s looking for cheerleading moves and tips and everything, so I’m sorry this is so late since you requested this like 3 months ago :

Thirdly, I don’t own the audio 🙂




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