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Vines in this episode:
Everyones reaction to Anderson Silvas broken leg. Vine by Piques
Sometimes people take Mom jokes too far. w/Curtis Lepore Vine by Brandon Calvillo
Tobiko Vine by kingdaddy
Dog Scare Cam Vine by dweebmodeON
Don doesnt need a walking cane Vine by Jordan Burt
When the dentist wants to talk. Vine by Brandon Calvillo
Ooooh finish em (Mortal Kombat in the hood) Vine by Jerry Purpdrank
I sometimes litter… Just a little though… Vine by Austin Miles Geter
realistic New Years resolution talk. Vine by Kc James
Happy New Year from my fucked up household to yours Vine by Brittany Furlan
DEM_HAND_BOYZ (DEM_WHITE_BOYZ #remake) Vine by Curtis Lepore
Tummy Tuesday 27 Happy New Year Edition. Vine by Jared Stradling
How to prank humans Vine by BarkleyThePom
When I watch a scary movie Im home alone Vine by Curtis Lepore
The life of Juan. Mom is making refried beans. Vine by David Lopez
Public Bathroom Abandonment w Robby Ayala Vine by Jason Nash
Parents definition of a Mess Vine by Christian Delgrosso
Im never singing Korean pop music again Vine by QPark
When a guys so beautiful youre just like… Vine by Jessi Smiles
Football players be like… Vine by Curtis Lepore
How mothers used to dance vs how they dance now Vine by Daz_Black
A teenage girl talks to her gardener, Juan. w/David Lopez Vine by Brandon Calvillo
When your parents are in your business? Vine by Max Jr
THE FACE OF GUILT Vine by Alex Vaughn Music
Monopoly with the besties Vine by Austin Miles Geter
When you hear Based on a True Story Vine by Christian Delgrosso
How to yell at things in Ebonics Vine by Eric Dunn
Theres no monsters under the bed Vine by David Lopez
Bouncy Ballin Vine by Kc James
We found Miley Ray Cyrus with brandoneberning Vine by dweebmodeON
Dudes will change their whole vocabulary when it comes to talking to a professional. Vine by TheEdwinSanchez
That lung beat tho Vine by Jerry Purpdrank
Jennifer Lawrence on a date be like Vine by Daz_Black
Pipers response, I really dont know… Vine by Alex Vaughn Music
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MESSAGE ME TO RESOLVE ANY COPYRIGHT + CREDIT ISSUESParents Definition of a Mess Vine By: Christian Delgrosso

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