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Cast Christian Mcculley, Teddy Witherspoon
From the director of Higher Students and Whatever Happens and from the guys who saw Old School comes this crazy college comedy about three high school students taking a tour at a college to wind up lost. So now their stuck on the big campus filled with college bullies, drugs, frat parties and security. A lot can happen in this teen buddy satire.

American 2013 teen comedy film
MPAA rating: R pervasive language strong crude and sexual content drug use violence crude humor and a sexual reference

Stars: Teddy Witherspoon, Elijah Wilson, Christian Mcculley
Eric Frazier, Steven Gladden, Jazzmin Johnson

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Reviews: 1. Welcome to College is a mixer of The Hangover with Old School.
2. This is a wacky comedy that’s trying to be a copy of Old School.
3. It’s funny and a bit over the top but still a funny movie.
4. This college comedy was very stupid and lame and it had very bad/boring dialogue. I would call this a very weak R-rated comedy.
5. I don’t think it’s trying to be like Animal House but I do think its trying to be a copy of Old School.
6. Christian Mcculley was the most unfunnest character in the whole movie he was silly in Whatever Happens but they tried to make him like a party animal in this movie AND HE SUCKS AT IT!!
7. I hated this movie it had no real script and I hated how they tried to make Christian Mcculley a lame copy version of Will Ferrell in Old School.
8. Dumb Movie
9. It’s satire was good and I couldn’t tell if it was trying to be a black comedy to a college comedy.
10. This movie was funny to me and it had good characters in it. Its what you would call a good college movie
11. The new summer R-rated comedy that’s full of funny stupidity crude comedy and satire.
12. I felt that Welcome to College was trying to be a dark comedy but fails with it’s over the top dark content trying to mix it with crudeness.
13. The dialogue in this movie sucks
14. This was a very unfunny comedy i wouldn’t even call this a comedy
15. Some funny parts but not enough to save this script
16. Bad movie a boring unfunny teen comedy that lacks too much black humor and crude jokes.
17. It should be called welcome to hell cuz this movie sucks
18. Whatever Happens was a better teen comedy then this piece of shit.

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